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Just what us animal lovers do!

We had a crazy thing happen to us yesterday. Going down the highway in a construction zone the traffic almost stopped, as we got closer we seen 2 dogs, one had been hit by a car and the other was very nervous right at the edge of the highway with a construction worker trying to get her. We stopped right in the middle of the highway and I jumped out and coaxed the dog over to me. The construction worker took the dog and we pulled up and off the road. We were watching the construction working carry the dog away from the site. The dog got nervous and got away from the construction worker. I again jumped out of the car following the dog around this muddy construction site with huge machinery everywhere. the dog found her way back to the highway, now there was a state trooper slowing down traffic and trying to catch her. I called to her and she ran to me so I picked her up and comforted her. I wanted to take her home until we were able to locate her owner, but the state trooper insisted he would take care of it. We gave him a leash so she wouldn't get away again. Then this morning we seen this post on Facebook. She was returned to her owner. It is a sad story since her partner was hit and killed, but I am sure if I didn't help catch her she would have been hit too. I had a hard time sleeping last night think of this poor little baby. But glad to see she made it home.

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