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What's Up With Beef Jerky

Everyone Queny here and Sophie, if you're looking for a very tasty, healthy snack for your furry friend, a Black Angus Beef Jerky is just what you need. Our Beef Jerky is made with high quality ingredients. 

Premium ingredients, human grade ingredients, Black Angus. We source Black Angus from Raipur farms that don't use antibiotics or hormones in their cattle.

We also use the leanest mid-cut, so insurance that your pet gets high amounts of protein and also very low fat, which will make it very good and excellent for any diet.

Our Black Angus Beef Jerky is made without any antibiotics, without any additives to the recipe and without any sugars or colors. 

So it makes it a very healthy snack for your dog.

Also is a chewy texture, so can promote good gums and teeth. Our Beef Angus Jerky not only is healthy snack, but also is delicious dogs sudbury and the flavor of the Black Angus.

And you love how easy it is to break it into its small pieces so you, so you can train your puppy or you can, make sure the amounts that you give your dog.

So for amount control is really good. So I hope that you can give us a try because you going to love the fact that it is we make this Beef Jerky by hand. 

We cut it by hand, and we pack it ourselves and it gets to you very fresh from days of being made is being sent to you. 

So give us a try. You can go into and you can check out all our products that are very healthy.

And I know your dog will be, you'll be happy with the ingredients and the nutrients and these really delicious snacks, and your dog will thank you. 

Definitely Sophie is very, very happy that we have this Beef Jerky.

Right Sophie? 


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