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The Difference Between Cheap Dog Treats and Our Dog Treats

Hi, Queny here from the SavvyBeast. 
Today I wanted to talk to you about the difference between a store bought treats and my treats. Sometimes when you buy a store treats, they are been in the bag for a long time and they have a very low quality ingredients like fillers, byproducts, artificial additives, and at long, at the long run.
This can really harm you dog. Also, they have. Bad fats like canola oil, sun sugars, and salts, and that can cause you dog illnesses in the future. So it's really important to know the kind of trees you buy and the quality of the ingredients of the trees you are getting for your pet. Here at ABIs, we really, uh, are passionate about.
Good ingredients. Ingredients that actually is going to give nutritional value to your pet. And we go the extra step to get these ingredients. We make the treats iin a very small quantity. We don't make it for six or eight months, and we just make it as we need them to fill the orders. So I am passionate about health for myself.
And for my Sophie here, my pet, and for your dog. So here I wanted to show you our treats. 
We have some of the bags here and we have the flavors here. This is Turkey and this is beef. And we have lamb. So these trees are, have wholesome food ingredients like real meat. We source our meats here from New York State.
Our farmers are here and we can get the meat fresh. Some, of the ingredients like sweet potato is organic. Xoconut oil is organic. Chicken Broth or Beef Broth or Lamb Broth, they're all good, broths that are all organic. So our trees are really high quality treats with high quality ingredients.
They don't contain sugar, they don't contain salt. They don't have fats that are, are going to harm your dog. And the formula was formulated with someone related to Connell University that we make sure that this formula is actually going. I'm gonna give you very good benefits for your pet. Here, like for example, this is a, dog bought treats and it feels really dry right here, and I'm gonna break it and it breaks right away.
So it like, it's like a little brittle. So it comes apart very easy. This is, SavvyBeast. You can see a little bit of the herbs here. You can see the chia and the treats. The feel of the treats is very, like soft even though it's chewy. And the treats, the first  ingredient is meat. So this is like a beef flavor, so it's meat, and when you break it, it doesn't fall apart or, and it's not like dry.
So the dog can actually really enjoy. So I think that's like the difference between a small company who makes treats like very in a small batches and cares about the ingredients, and between this treat and a treat that is in the store that has been sitting in a bag for a long time. So our treats are a little expensive cause we have, very good ingredients and all our trees, the first ingredient is meat.
And, and meat has a very high, protein, like this is lamb and it has 18.44 of protein. So your dog need protein because the ancestors, that was the main diaries when they cut an animal, they ate it and was made to eat the animal. 
So it's protein. They need protein, they're ancestors. So I hope that you give us a try and I know you going to you like you will like the ingredients because they're very good and your dog will love the flavor.
Thank you.

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