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Introducing the wag-tastic team of SavvyBeast Spokesdogs!

These tail-wagging, tongue-lolling, four-legged ambassadors represent the brand of SavvyBeast in the most pawsome ways possible.

Our Lead Spokesdog is Sophie!

She has style and a great personality.

Sophie is an extraordinary dog who knows exactly what she likes and dislikes.

She knows quality and her palate is esquisite.

That quality got her a job as the official SavvyBeast taste tester and Lead Spokesdog.

Meet Coco!

His toys were his favorite things until he met SavvyBeast Beef Jerky. Now toys hold seconf place in his heart. If you want an appointment with him bring Beef Jerky.

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Meet Merlin!

Merlin loves long walks on the beach and swimming. Her favorite flavor of DogStars is beef.

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Meet Pretzel!

Pretzel is a very picky puppy. He doesn't enjoy plain or bland regular dog food. However, he goes crazy for Salmon Oil in his food!

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Meet Jax!

Jax is definitely a stubborn soul! The only time he will listen to you is when he sees turkey-flavored DogStars in your hand.

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Meet Milo!

Milo is a connoisseur of all things delicious and nothing satisfies his test buds quite like a juicy savory strip of Beef Jerky.

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Does your Dog have what it takes to be one of the SavvyBeast Spokesdogs?

Want to showcase your pup's silly antics with SavvyBeast products?

Send an email to and let us know why your dog would be a good fit as a Spokesdog.

Be sure to include a photo of your dog.