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 Hi, this is Queny again from the SavvyBeast Treats farm. Today, I want to introduce myself publicly. My boss right here, Sophie. She's my boss and she's very demanding. She likes to tell us what to do, when to do it. Even when she wants to test our treats, she tell us what time and when we really work for her. We do everything for.
Including at the end of the day, we need to give her a massage so that she can relax. And she is the highest pay employee here at SavvyBeast. Sophie came to us in 2019. She was in a foster home, so we rescue her and apparently, she used to jump four feet fences. She used to escape. She used to bite people. And what else?
Sophie, all kinds of. But I took a chance on her and she really have adapted really well from,, New York City apartment to the farm. She really loves adventures. She loves to ride on the car. She loves good food. She loves hotels, she loves hotels, and she just loves people and we are very lucky to have her here at SavvyBeast.
And she's our spoke dog for SavvyBeast. 
So she's our star, right? Sophie, you say hello everybody. Huh? Yes. And she's really, I think she's very emotional. She tell us when she's not feeling good or she doesn't wanna do something. She doesn't want to be picked up. She also tell us when to go to bed. She normally likes to have us go to bed at 10 30, so she's a early bird.
But all the, other than that, we really very happy to have her. Very lucky to.  and she's our first rescue. She actually came to us because our past test tester, Sebastian passed away and she came to keep company to Sebastian's brother Ruben. Sebastian passed away when he was almost 16 years old, so it's for her whole age.
And then she kept Ruben Company for about a year, and she was a very good sister and she's a very good employee. She does her job really well, so. Sophie, say goodbye to our fans. Nice to meet you all, and I hope you visit Sophie. She has her own page on, so you can visit her and you can ask her questions and she'll answer for you.