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Why DogStars Are So Healthy

Hi friends,  Queny here, and Sophie, at SavvyBeast, unlike any big manufacturer of commercial dog food, we don't believe in any compromising of health and wellbeing of your beloved pet. All start with the ingredients. We use 100% natural and organic ingredients, and we don't use fillers, sugars. Salts or any additives to our DogStars or Jerky.


And we source our meats from our farmers around our neighborhood, and we make sure that everything that we put in our DogStars are well thought out and we know what each ingredient is in a way, where it comes from. And let me show you exactly what I mean. For example, our DogStars this is some ingredients. 


The frozen ingredient is meat. And meat has an enormous amount of nutrients for your dog because your dog is a carnivore, so he needs meat. So that's why we decided to have our dog star made with 100% natural and organic meat as the frozen ingredient. 


And another ingredient is chia. Chia has wonderful nutrients for your dog. It helps with the digestion system. It gives omegas and it is a super, light flower and also helps with allergies. So it's a great ingredient to use in our DogStars. 


The other ingredient that is amazing is coconut oil. Coconut oil is wonderful for the skin.

It good for digestion. It helps with, with joints. And dogs love it. And it's, it's, it's very, very good oil for you dog. So that's why SavvyBeast is very, very special treats and we have a very amazing ingredients in it. 


And for example, we just finished over here, our small batch of beef DogStars we make by hand. As you see, they're very unique and they're all different.


We make it by hand. We cut them by hand, and we dehydrate in very small, uh, low temperatures so that it can keep in the ingredients and your dog can benefits from them. 


And then after that, we packed it in beautiful packaging right here and fresh and it comes to your door very fresh. And so when you open that bag, you know that you are getting, a bag of fresh DogStars, a fresh product that is made just in a few days before we send it to you.


So we are a family company. We, there is no big machinery here, there is no processor here. Every step of this product we have something to do, to do about it. We do it. We source the meat, we meet our, people on the farms. We know what is in the dog stars. 


So we feel very confident that when you open that bag and you give that tree to your dog, you are going to be very happy that you decided to try us.


So you can visit us, Sophie, and me at, and I believe that you will be happy with our product. Thank you and thank you for Sophie.

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